Tobacco prevention and control

We all deserve clean air where we live, work and play. If you need help quitting tobacco call the Alaska Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit their website at It's free, it's confidential, and it works.

PIA is in partnership with the Partnership for a Tobacco Free Southeast, you can find more information and follow them on Facebook: 

For more information, contact Tori Shay, TPC Program Director

907-772-3636 ext. 216


E-cigarettes are neither harmless nor healthy. E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA for smoking cessation, they are not regulated for safety, numerous studies raise concern for their negative impact on health, and the long-term health implications of e-cigarette use are unknown. 

Great american smokeout 2019


Entry by Lauren Helms 

Grade: Kindergarten 


Entry by Cedar Helms

Grade: 4


Entry by Serena Helms

Grade: 6


Entry by Kristina Barkfelt

Grade: 7

TPC Updates

Red Ribbon Week 2019


Students from Stedman Elementary signed their name on this pledge to be drug, alcohol & Tobacco Free and encourage their peers to do the same! Way to go!

Red Ribbon Week 2019


Thank you to Stedman Elementary students and faculty who made this possible.

Let Me Run Fallfest 5k


We got to attend the Let Me Run Fallfast 5k with WAVE! Let Me Run is a wellness program whose goal is to inspire boys through the power of running to be courageous enough to be themselves, to build healthy relationships, and to live an active lifestyle. And that includes being tobacco-free!

WAVE's first Smokefree Event


The Let Me Run Fallfest 5k was WAVE's first ever Smokefree Event! PIA TPC worked with WAVE to create this policy to encourage and promote smokefree spaces.

Project Connect


We attended the Project Connect Resource Fair and provided Quitline information and Quit Kits.

1 year anniversary of the smokefree air law

Lets Celebrate!


The Smokefree Air Law went into effect on October 1, 2018. This law protects employees and customers from secondhand smoke by banning smoking in indoor spaces.

Celebrate with us!


The PIA TPC Program invited the community to a day of fun, with bounce houses, games, and some tobacco education.

What now?


Businesses: be sure that you have your signage up to let your employees and customers know that smoking is prohibited! 

TPC Updates

2019 Culture Camp


Tobacco Prevention and Control attended the 2019 Culture Camp, and celebrated the first ever Smokefree Event in Petersburg! 

4th of July


We had a little volunteer this year at the 4th of July festivities! He offered visitors some free swag and his tagline: "Tobacco is wacko!"

Coloring Activity


Over 40 youth turned in their coloring page to receive a free 12 punch pass to the Parks and Rec Community Center. We were happy to host this event to encourage healthy and active lifestyles that are tobacco free!

Step to be Tobacco Free Logo Contest


Congratulations to high school students Althea Malone and Joelys Lopez on winning the contest! Their logo was printed on 200 t-shirts and used throughout the competition!

Mayfest 2019


Did you miss us downtown at Mayfest? No worries! We will see you at the 4th of July festivities.

May Cigarette Butt Pickup


4 volunteers dedicated their afternoon to picking up cigarette butts in downtown Petersburg. We love our volunteers!

Kick Butts Day



On March 16, we had Kick Butts Day at the Movies. We played the movie “Smallfoot” at the movie theater. It went great! We purchased popcorn from Poppin’ Chairo, and they donated some also. I provided candy, drinks, and gift bags. Kick Butts Day is a day for youth to speak out against tobacco, and take a stand against the tobacco companies and their deceptive marketing. I focused on the glamorization of tobacco in the movies. Kids see people smoking in movies and often think its “cool” or just “the norm”. So I decided to show a movie that doesn’t feature tobacco as a fun way to spread the message. I had some great volunteers including Jeanette Ness, Aidan Torrez, and Liam Jackson. They were all a huge help. The school donated use of the auditorium as well. It was a huge success!

Early Childhood Education Fair


Kids and parents were able to stop by and learn about children and secondhand smoke!

Circle of Life Race



I attended the Circle of Life race put on by Beat the Odds and WAVE. This was the second event I have attended for WAVE’s Let Me Run and Girls on the Run programs supporting wellness with youth. I set up a table for families to make signs for their runners and provided some Quitline promotional items. The sign table turned into a drawing table for the little kids present, but was a great addition to the event nonetheless. 

Coloring Program


We have donated coloring books and crayons for use at the local jail.  This picture shows Tori with Chief of Police Jim Kerr and Captain Randy Holmgrain. The inmates of the local jail are using the coloring books. The idea is to help inmates be mindful of their habit if a tobacco user, and also reinforce that the Quitline is an option and available to them to quit for good. 

Earth Day Cigarette Butt Pickup


For Earth Day, we batted the elements (hail, wind, rain, snow) to pick up cigarette butts at the ferry terminal, Eagles Roost Park, and Sandy Beach. We were rewarded with this beautiful rainbow!

Pedometer Challenge


 Step to be Tobacco Free Pedometer Challenge. A community wide event focused on getting active and staying away from tobacco! The challenge was from May 13-19, 2019. We had over 140 participants and it went very well! Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated or supported this event.