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 The Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) addresses transportation needs of the Tribe by providing funds for planning, design, construction, and maintenance activities. PIA TTP Boundary Map.


The purpose of the TTP program is to provide safe and adequate transportation and public road access to and within our community. A prime objective of the TTP Program is to contribute to the economic development, self-determination, and employment of PIA tribal members and Native Americans.

The Tribal Transportation Department employs about 10 seasonal and part time employees.

Transportation planning begins with a 20 year LONG RANGE TRANSPORTATION PLAN (LRTP). The plan outlines the transportation priorities of the Tribe within the community of Petersburg and its surrounding boundaries.

Transportation planning continues with a 5 year Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan (TTIP). The financially constrained TTIP is a prioritized list of projects funded for the next 5 years. 


PDF of Long Range Transportation Plan

PDF of Long Range Transportation Plan (pdf)


Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Funds

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Funds (pdf)


Maintenance Agreements:


1) United States Forest Service- Blading and Grading, Brushing

2) Petersburg Borough - Hungry Point Trail 6" gravel addition; Sidewalk snow removal