Tribal Comprehensive Plan


PIA is in the Process of Creating a Comprehensive Plan

PIA received a grant that was funded through the Administration for Native Americans for a two-year program. The outcome of this grant will be a Tribal Comprehensive Plan. This plan will take the efforts of the Tribal Community through dinners, events and data collection to determine the needs, plan and vision for the Tribe’s future. It will provide the PIA Council and employees a road map as to where to focus future grant writing efforts. This grant will fund one full-time and one part-time position at PIA. 

Click the link below to find the link to the survey, your responses will be submitted anonymously

Proposed Actions:


 Drugs and Alcohol

What is an Outpatient Program?  An outpatient program is a program that provides support, communication and guidance for recovering addicts and alcoholics.  Through our research and meeting with local advisers we have found that there is a lack of support for tribal members and community members after they come back to Petersburg from an inpatient program (Rehab).  Especially support that focuses on cultural support for Native Americans.  Without support individuals are more likely to relapse.  PIA has met with several substance abuse counselors in multiple advisory group meetings and all have agreed that Petersburg is lacking local aftercare support for recovering addicts and alcoholics.

What are your thoughts on PIA starting a Native orientated out-patient program?  Is Petersburg ready for a local outpatient program?  PIA could also try to get native drug and alcohol retreat to come to Petersburg. Do you think this is something that PIA should pursue?  


PIA would like to see all tribal members in secure housing situations.  Some of the ideas that have been brought up in advisory meetings are; building new homes, land lotteries, elderly/disabled homes/apartments and or affordable rentals (section 8).

What do you think of PIA possibly collaborating with Petersburg Borough to create a new sub division, if created this would have the possibility for access to new homes and affordable rentals for tribal members.

Please comment on these ideas and let us know whether you think this would be beneficial to our community! This is your chance to express your opinion anonymously.

Job Training and Employment

PIA and an advisory group have been discussing job training and employment opportunities in Petersburg. Opportunity for training or lack thereof is a concern that has been repeatedly expressed. One idea that has been discussed is hosting a workforce development class in which students would have assistance in creating a resume, participate in mock interviews, have opportunities to job shadow different professions, and learn about funding opportunities. 

Another concern is the inability of individuals to be able to travel out of town to receive training. A possible solution was mentioned of bringing training opportunities to Petersburg, such as a CDL instructor. 

These were a few ideas brought forth by the advisory group. What are your thoughts? What can we be doing to help prepare individuals for employment on a local level? Your comments will be submitted anonymously.

Please Note: PIA has funding available for tribal citizens who would like to attend job training that results in a certificate (beauty school, CDL, CNA, etc). 



Childcare was identified as a priority for the Tribe through visioning sessions and feedback. After speaking with local facilities, they have availability for more children at the moment. It has been suggested that PIA work with existing facilities to help teach cultural activities and language.

Wrangell Cooperative Association (WCA) has successfully been working with the schools and doing programming outside of the classroom to teach Tlingit to community members. We are looking at finding funding and working to replicate the program here in Petersburg.


What are your thoughts on the activities/direction proposed by the advisory committee? Your responses will be submitted anonymously.


PIA has been working with an advisory committee so as to identify ways that we can support cultural growth, enrichment, and opportunities here in Petersburg. The committee came up with the following ideas:

· Creating a dedicated space at PIA for cultural preservation and activities. The space would be for reading materials, learning, reading, and a place to host activities.

· Working to see a re-emergence of the Tlingit language in Petersburg. This would include teaching the Tlingit language to tribal citizens (long-term goal).

What are your thoughts on the advisory committee’s suggestions? What are your suggestions to promote our culture in the community? Your comments/suggestions will be submitted anonymously.

For more information

If you have questions about the Tribal Comprehensive Plan, call Collin Martens at 

907-772-3636 ext. 105