Tribal Comprehensive Strategy


PIA is in the process of creating a comprehensive strategy

PIA received a grant that was funded through the Administration for Native Americans for a two-year program. The outcome of this grant will be a tribal comprehensive plan. This plan will take the efforts of the tribal community through dinners, events and data collection to determine the needs, plan and vision for the Tribe’s future. It will provide the PIA Council and employees a road map as to where to focus future grant writing efforts. This grant will fund one full-time and one part-time position at PIA. 

Soon to Announce coming events

Early in the 2019 year, PIA will be announcing gatherings for the tribe to come and voice their opinions on what PIA should be prioritizing in the future.  PIA will also be doing several surveys for this project as well.

If you have questions about the Tribal Comprehensive Strategy feel free to call PIA.