Upcoming Events

PIA/JOM Events:

PIA Tribal Priorities survey running from 1/24/2019 - 2/22/2019

Complete and enter your name and phone number to be entered into a giveaway to receive a voucher for $100 dollars off your heating bill.

Elder Home Heat Grant Submitted

The Elder Home Heat Grant meeting was held and the grant was submitted 1-7-2019.


  • There will be a monthly meeting for the Johnson O'Malley Program Tuesday January 15th 2019 in the PIA conference room all are welcome


  • In celebration of Elizabeth Peratrovich Day, February 16th, PIA will be hosting an event to learn about the day and create a beautiful Dream Catcher on February 12th 2019 in the PIA conference room 

  • We are looking for amazing artwork for our upcoming art show exhibit that will be showcased down at Glacier Express fir all to see! 

  • Submissions from all age groups are welcome! Please Submit art work by the end of February.  Artwork will be displayed for the whole month of March and an award ceremony will be held march 29th!


  • Second Annual Tribal Dinner, March 28th.  Come, share, eat have fun!